Cam - "Burning House"

This new track, released to radio and selected by the On The Verge program, is from "Welcome To Cam Country," the rising star's new EP.

When Bobby Bones decided to play "Burning House on his The Bobby Bones Show in May, he showcased his power to move fans to purchase songs when Cam's sophomore single for Sony Nashville lit up the charts. His support of "Burning House" has lead the song to become an interesting choice for his parent company's "On The Verge" program, following Chris Janson's "Buy Me A Boat" (which also was selected by Bones before becoming part of that program).

With a gorgeous melody, "Burning House" instantly showcases Cam's ability with melody and lyric as she's a co-writer on this track and scored her record deal on the strength of her songwriting and the ability to be the modern version of Carole King. "Burning House" is simply gorgeous and if radio doesn't give fans something unique like this to break up the songs about parties in the summer, there's something wrong as this is simply one of the most beautiful (and simply elegant) singles to hit country radio in 2015. This reminds me, in terms of melodic tone, of "Girl Crush" from Little Big Town.

I've been fans of Cam for a while and "Burning House" was a song I've loved for a while and I cannot wait to see Cam break out with a truly remarkable single.