Jamie Lin Wilson - "Seven Year Drought"

Take a listen to a track from the debut album from The Trishas band member.

Roughstock's proud to share with you this new track The Trisha's Jamie Lin Wilson. Her debut solo album is out tomorrow via her own label. Take a listen here to "Seven Year Drought" (posted above) and while you listen to the talented artist, read how she came to write the song below!

"Seven Year Drought"
(Co-write: Jamie Lin Wilson, Jon Dee Graham)
I live in South Texas, where it is dry, dry, dry. When Jon Dee and I decided to write together, he sent me this idea and we just ran with it. I love the imagery in the song, and the feel in the song. And a handy sidenote is that once I recorded a song about the drought, it's been the rainiest spring we've seen in a while. You're welcome, South Texas.