James Robert Webb - "Daddy Made A Million"

Take a look at the world premiere of the official music video for James Robert Webb’s hit single.

James Robert Webb has scored a few hits on Music Row prior to this release (“Party In The Barn” being the biggest hit), but now James Robert Webb has started to make a dent with his newest single, “Daddy Made A Million.” The song is the lead single from his upcoming album and showcases his powerful yet tender vocal style that can only be described as “yes, that’s country right there.”

In the world premiere of the music video clip above, James Robert Webb showcases the lyrics (which feature a great turn of phrase) in a unique visual style.

A bit more on James Robert Webb:

From the man who brought you “Party in the Barn,” now comes, singer/ songwriter, James Robert Webb’s current single, “Daddy Made a Million.” The song was written by Alex Dooley and produced by James Robert Webb, along with Daniel Kleindienst and marks the single from first true country album that is set to release this summer.

James Robert Webb is a genteel family man best known for his traditional country sound and engaging live performances. A true musician, Webb not only sings and writes, he also is self- taught on piano and guitar and draws his inspiration from music legends Garth Brooks, The Rolling Stones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Miranda Lambert and Vince Gill.
“Party in the Barn” was Webb’s first single of note which showcased his tender twang and articulate vocal delivery.
A Nashville music industry executive summed up the song and Webb’s sound vis-a-vie, “Party in the Barn,” as “an honest to goodness bonafide country party song with an old school feel.” The kind you are familiar with from the likes of Jimmy Buffett and Garth Brooks.

James Robert Webb is a native of Kellyville, Oklahoma who embodies the state’s spirit of traditional family values and says he aims to create music that he’d be proud to play in front of his children. He can be often found tinkering around on a variety of instruments in his home studio.

Webb has been writing, co-writing and producing the past year for his new album, from which “Daddy Made a Million” is the first single.

His musical journey started as an early teen when he picked up a guitar and also tinkered with a variety of musical instruments. He soon went on to win the title of All-State Jazz Pianist while still in high school.

James Robert Webb also strongly identifies with another of Okahomas’s celebrated singer/songwriters, Gene Autry. Turns out there is more than just Oklahoma as a connection between the legendary Gene Autry and the contemporary James Robert Webb. As connections go, it gets real curious.

The story begins in 1927, when Gene Autry landed his first radio job as “Oklahoma’s Yodeling Cowboy” on a Tulsa station and by 1935 Autry became known as the guitar strumming, “Singing Cowboy.” Since then, 80 years later, Oklahoman James Robert Webb has taken the hybrid of Singing Cowboy to a new level with his “day job” as a…wait for it…doctor! James Robert Webb, MD. wears a stethoscope around his neck by day and a guitar strap by night.

Gene Autry’s first hit record was titled, “That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine”, recounting memories of his father. James Robert Webb’s current single , “Daddy Made a Million” recalls his father’s hard work and what he left behind that was more valuable than money.
Gene Autry was a regular performer on a national radio show called “Barn Dance.” James Robert Webb’s previous single was “Party in the Barn,” a foot-stompin’, old school country party song.

Gene Autry toured the world. James Robert Webb recently played a whole lot of country stages on tour in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The tour added momentum to a career that you might say is “just what the doctor ordered.”

“Party in the Barn” became a hit in Great Briton with heavy rotation on the radio there. And now, “Daddy Made A Million” is beginning to heat up.

In case you were wondering, Dr, James Robert Webb’s medical practice specializes in efforts to eliminate pain specifically focusing on osteoporosis and fixing painful vertebral compression fractures what he considers to be woefully under-recognized causes of pain and suffering.

Dr. James Robert Webb’s next album is due out soon.


  • Jim Vogt

    I am very proud to know this young man. I am proud of him for standing up for what he believes in. He believes in God, family, and our country. I am a proud supporter of this young man from Kellyville, Oklahoma!

  • Stan Storer

    Great job James. I am a Country fan from way back and am very proud to have known you since you were picking on the piano in high school. Not only successful as a Doctor, I just know you will be succeed in you music career too.

  • Vicky

    Being the mother of James Robert Webb, I can testify to the fact that he has always loved music and has demonstrated it since a baby. In the high chair he would kee