Trisha Yearwood - "I Remember You"

Take a listen to the second single from Trisha Yearwood's RCA Nashville debut "PrizeFighter: Hit after Hit" here.

Take a listen to "I Remember You," the second single from Trisha Yearwood's PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit album. The song -- written by Brad Rempel, Kelly Archer and Ben Caver -- is a fantastic reminder of how great of a vocalist Trisha Yearwood remains. It's a stunning and heartfelt ballad and one that would be a hit in a perfect world but it's not such a world and it'll be hard for this one to hit the top of the charts unless radio is somehow more open to these types of impactful ballads, especially since this one feels like it deals with death more than the loss of a relationship so anyone who has lost a loved one will certainly relate to this.