Toby Keith - "Drunk Americans"

Here's your chance to listen to the lead single from Toby Keith's "35 MPH Town."

There are two things that Toby Keith likes to sing about lately: America and drinking. Those two solid themes meet in the title alone of his new single, "Drunk Americans," the lead single to his forthcoming 35 MPH Town album. Although one of the few singles in his career that Toby did not write, the song (penned by Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, and Bob DiPiero) is directly in his wheelhouse.

The accordion, banjo, and electric guitar-driven waltz has a simple yet jaunty melody feel well-suited for an alcohol-fueled sing-along (perhaps in an I Love This Bar & Grill?). Its list of varied themes [lyrics]– Democrat or Republican, ball cap or turban, blue or white collar – cuts deeper than "I Love This Bar" by celebrating the demolition of societal boundaries. While the theme may seem similar to Lee Brice's "Drinking Class", the comparatively heavier lyrics and lighter musical surroundings should be more than enough to make it stand out – and more importantly, end Toby's recent dry spell.