Skylar Elise - "You'll Never Understand"

Listen to this exclusive track and enter to win an iPod from the 16 year old singer!

Rising vocalist Skylar Elise may be only 16 years old but she showcases a penchant for a winning blend of traditional and modern country songs on this, her debut single. “You’ll Never Understand” tells an amazing story of heartbreak and heartache.

Playing off of the track’s “You’ll Never Understand” theme, we’ve partnered with Skylar to give one lucky winner a prize pack which includes a Skylar Elise T-Shirt, an autographed copy of her You’ll Never Understand EP, a Skylar Elise wristband, an autographed picture, and the big prize of the contest, a brand new iPod Touch with a personal message from Skylar (see image below).

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below that tells a brief but interesting story (180 characters or less, like a tweet on Twitter) that starts with “You’ll Never Understand.” Skylar and our Editor Matt Bjorke will choose from the entrants to pick our favorite story.

You can buy the single "You'll Never Understand" at iTunes. Connect with Skylar on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or her Website.


Note: Contest is open to contestants in the USA or Canada Only. Void where prohibited by law. Those under the age of 13 need parental permission to enter.


  • Matt Bjorke

    Congratulations to Anita Ennis for winning the contest!

  • Minnie Chen

    "You'll Never a Understand" describes when I had to leave Oregon and all my friends behind because my brother got a better job offer here in Texas. I was absolutely heartbroken. I'm still really sad but I'm keeping my head for my friends who love me and Jesus who has always been there for me. "When you love someone so much and your heart breaks.....when you miss someone so bad, your whole body aches..." Sometimes I miss Oregon and my friends so much that I just want to break down and cry but I have to be strong for them and have trust in God and His plan for me. This song just relates to me so much. :)

  • Tammy Ladd

    "You'll Never Understand" how I felt when the Lord brought me out of a coma and saved my life.

  • Anita Ennis

    You'll never understand until you been through the death of a child, exactly how I feel about the death of my two boys, both of which died from doctors mistakes. No one knows this pain unless they have experienced it and I would not wish that on anyone because it's a pain that literally rips your world apart. I know this song was meant for people who have broken up but it also could apply to the death of a loved one! This is a beautiful and very touching song!

  • Brian Miller

    you'll never understand what it feels like to lose someone until you lose the person you love.when you come home from work to walk into the house and find out that their heart had truly feels as if your heart will stop also

  • Jeane Campbell

    "You'll Never Understand" how much room there is in your heart until you hold in your own hands your first born child. Every day is a gift.

  • Emma Glasgow

    "You'll never understand" how it felt...after being attached to someone for so long and be betray by them. All those happy moments we shared smiles, laughs and sadness but that all came to and end when everything went crashing down and I understood the truth. The truth about everything how that person chose something over me his own family this person was my father. He has left an internal scar in me and it won't ever go away...ever.

  • Hayley

    "You'll Never Understand" how much I respect Skylar for having so much determination and following her dreams. She is an inspiration to all around her and I am proud to know someone so talented and passionate. May you keep your head and heart on the right path... Love you girly!

  • Rachel, again :)

    You'll never understand losing all your friends right when you needed them, an having no one to turn to. But, then Skylar Elise came into my life and became my best friend and i will always be grateful to her!!! :))

  • Phoebe

    You'll never understand having a dream about eating a scrumptious, fluffy, gigantic marshmallow, and then waking to find your pillow gone, because you ate it......

  • Rachel

    You'll never understand sitting on the porch, just enjoying the beautiful summer day, and feeling something licking your foot, thinking its your dog, and finding out that its just a crazy, old guy who does that sometimes.

  • Skylar Campbell

    "You'll Never Understand" how much your friendship has meant to me. Officially meeting you at CMA Fest 2014 was incredible! Having another friend with the same name as me is really cool! So blessed to have a friend like you over these past 4 months!

  • Tamira Womack

    You'll never understand how hard it was to leave my children behind while on deployments in the Military it absolutely crushed my heart everytime.

  • Candice F

    " You'll never understand " what an amazing artist Skylar Elise is and that as she grows she continues to touch the hearts and souls of everyone she meets !

  • Valerie G

    You'll never understand how much i love country music and that i want to learn how to play a guitar just so i can play my favorite songs!

  • Nathan Virnoche

    "You'll Never Understand" what I was overcome with when I sang my heart out on a stage in a little Texas church. I was filled with joy that could only come from Jesus himself.

  • Steven Bramley

    "You'll Never Understand", the feeling i felt when i met Tim Mcgraw for the first time..I was so nervous and he knew it and he said "Dont be nervous, ur not the one that has to sing in front of all these people", just goes to show that hes a down to earth person, this day in age, thats a good thing..:)