Exclusive Audio Stream: Mia Dyson - When The Moment Comes

Take a listen to "When The Moment Comes," one of Mia Dyson's 10 great songs from The Moment, her new album for Co-Op Music/Black Door Records. We love being able to share new sounds and she's one of the best "Americana" artists we've heard thus far this year. 

We love sharing artists you might not be familiar with or artists that color outside of the mainstream lines and that's exactly what we get to do today with this exclusive audio premiere. Mia Dyson is a talented singer/songwriter with a gritty, rhaspy and soul-filled voice that is a powerful instruement. Mia;s also a talented guitar player (all the electric guitar parts are hers on the upcoming The Moment) and there's just something to her music that fills the soul and sounds awesome. Take a listen to "When The Moment Comes," just one of The Moment's 10 great new tracks.