Marty Raybon – I’ve Seen What He Can Do

Marty Raybon is simply one of the greatest country music, nay, greatest vocalists of all time. Take a listen to a preview of the brand new single from Marty Raybon’s upcoming Christian Country Music


Album Review: The Isaacs – Why Can’t We

Country music has always had the ability to speak to every part of the human condition, from, life and death to faith and love. On this, the latest album from the Isaacs family, these are the topics that are discussed, with great depth.


Ty Herndon – Journey On

Ty Herndon earned a reputation as being one of the emotive singers of the 1990′s country music boom.  Journey On is his first forray into songwriting and is his first faith-fuled album.  Did he manage to make the album of his life?


Collin Raye – Never Going Back

A big star of the 1990′s country/pop movement, Collin Raye has settled into the part of his career where he’s no longer chasing hits.  Teaming up with Time/Life, Collin Raye has released what he says is his best album ever. Is it?