The Lunabelles - A Place To Shine

With "A Place To Shine," new BNA Records quartet The Lunabelles have arrived on the national scene. Take a listen to their debut single here.

The Lunabelles - "A Place To Shine"

One of the defining traits of the recent crop of country newcomers has been the relative uniqueness of each artist’s sound. Does this new BNA Records quartet manage to carve out their own unique sound? Read on to find out what we have to say about this debut.

Jonathan Singleton & The Grove - "Look Who's Back In Love"

Jonathan Singleton and The Grove are new to most country music fans but the frontman's songs aren't. With four hits written for other artists the past year, Singleton certainly is in a groove. Does this single match up well with those hits?

Carter Twins - "Heart Like Memphis"

With their video just released to CMT today, the 18-year-old Carter Twins have arrived on the national scene. Signed to an interesting label, does the photogenic duo have what it takes to break through at radio or will people see them as some sort of manufactred product?