Artsits Spotlight - Josh Gracin: Finding His Own Redemption

In this exclusive feature, we found some time to sit down and talk music with Josh Gracin. We talked about his career thus far and his new album Redemption, along with quite a few other topics. Read on to read the whole conversation with the veteran US Ma

Josh Gracin - Can't Say Goodbye

This song is a special song for Josh Gracin. He wrote it based on the story of Seana Arrechaga. She submitted her story to the Sears Heroes at Home campaign - which helps wounded veterans with special needs for their homes - and worked with Josh on this song.

Album Review: Josh Gracin - Redemption

Redemption finds Josh Gracin returning with the third album of his career. Does this, his debut for the Average Joe's Entertainment label after two for the Lyric Street label, showcase an artist hitting his stride? Read on to find out.