Audio Track: Sarah Ross - Shotgun

This rising artist not only sings well but she also raps with the best of the best and showcases that with "Shotgun," her new "rural rap" song from the Mud Digger 5 compilation album.

Album Review: The Lacs - Keep It Redneck

On Keep It Redneck, the third album from Average Joes Entertainment's The Lacs, there is a wide-variety of sounds, all which are grounded in rural lifestyle lyrics themes and (mostly) Country-based sounds.

Colt Ford - Country is as Country Does

Colt Ford has come from seemingly out of nowhere to become one of the most successful independent country music artists in the country.  This is a CD/DVD Exclusively available at Wal-Mart stores. 

Colt Ford - Ride Through The Country

Like Cowboy Troy, Colt Ford is a rapping Country artist, Unlike Cowboy Troy, Colt Ford's music doesn't seem gimmicky.  Ford has a great flow and his album features guest spots from multiple people from both Country and Rap communities.

Trailer Choir - Off The Hillbilly Hook

Toby Keith got to where he was by doing things his own way and he's taken that approach to his record label too as he releases the new mini-album from the Trailer Choir, an unconventional country act with fun songs. Is it any good?