Toby Keith – Bullets in the Gun

Everything about Bullets in the Gun feels like a ‘retro’ affair, from the story-song title track to ‘slice-of-life’ memories to irreverent fun. Still despite all of this Toby Keith’s latest album isn’t dated.  Instead it feels refr

With that song in mind, the title track and new single (at album release) leads-off the 10 song disc and it immediately showcases an artist who is getting his groove back. The song is not only bringing some western back to country music but also the story song.  “Think About You All of the Time” and the Top 20 single “Trailerhood” showcases this as much as any song on the album with their jovial and traditionalist melodies while  the ballad “In A Couple of Days” would fit on any George Strait record of the past twenty five years and Toby’s own albums of the 90s and early 2000’s decades. “Kissin’ In The Rain” feels like a massive hit single in the making, with a story of a moment in the narrator’s life, much like some of Kenny Chesney’s own slice-of-life vignettes.  

Toby Keith’s been playing with some roots rockin’ blues-infused side project called the Incognito Banditos.  That influence is showcased on the truckin’ track “Get It On Home” (and the side project band is featured on four bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition).  “Get Out Of My Car” is an irreverent tune about a girl the narrator is interested in with nuggets of lyrics like “Get outta your clothes or get out of my car.”  It’s a song with a melody like “Two Pina Coladas “ and while the lyrics are a bit ‘rough’ if you listen to the whole lyrics, you’ll know that Toby’s telling a tale of a fool, not a guy who is all that serious.  “Somewhere Else” is also an irreverent song that feels a bit like a Trailer Park song in melody and lyric (which isn’t a bad thing). 

Bullets in the Gun is an interesting album and it feels like a joyful mixture of songs about different stages of relationships and life.  It also feels like Toby Keith’s best album of at least the last five years. 

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