Thompson Square – “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?”

Despite being playful and fun Thompson Square’s “Let’s Fight” didn’t exactly light up radio station request lines. Rather than wait for that song to try and eek up the charts, the duo is bacl with an even stronger single that radio can’t possibly resist, can they?

While playful and more than a little bit of fun, “Let’s Fight” didn’t grab the tastemakers at country radio enough to keep the ‘fight’ (pun intended) going.  Rather than wait for another ‘iron’ to strike, Stoney Creek Records has decided to release “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” instead.  After one listen to this groovy little number, I can see why the label is doing this.  “Kiss” is a no-brainer, the kind of hit that any artist, new or established would cherish to have in their arsenal. 

The lyrics of “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” chronicle a simple story of budding young love.  Both shy teenagers, the girl takes the lead and then while telling a story that falls in traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure but it’s the exactly the kind of song that country fans love to hear.  Keifer Thompson sings the lead all the way throughout here (“Let’s Fight” was a true duet with wife Shawna Thompson) and that probably will only help the song due to some weird thing that doesn’t allow for too many ‘female’ songs on a radio playlist at one time. 

Cute, playful, romantic and a prime example of the kind of song an artist needs to breakthrough with.  Hopefully radio agrees with me and will allow Thompson Square, who are as talented as any other duo out there right now, to score a hit and become a country radio staple.

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