The Band Perry – “If I Die Young”

After getting into the Top 20 with the jovial “Hip To My Heart,” the Band Perry is returning with a song that shows off a completely different side to the trio.  Will radio and radio listeners ‘take’ to this ‘seriously poetic’ single during the ‘light’ summertime?

Well, it seems like The Band Perry is already starting to catch on. The same week that the sibling trio’s “Hip to My Heart” fell from the charts, followup “If I Die Young” debuted. A sudden chart entry ahead of the release date is certainly telling, especially for a new act. Clearly, there’s a great deal of buzz already sounding “If I Die Young.” But sometimes buzz translates into a truly deserving song, while other times it translates to an overrated, bland piece of crap. 

The song starts out with a rather poetic line that cuts right to the chase: “Bury me in satin / Lay me down on a bed of roses / Sink me in the river at dawn / Send me away with the words of a love song.” So many of the other lyrics are very well-developed with interesting little details, such as “the sharp knife of a short life.” At times, it feels like it could easily over-romanticize the death of a young one. The siblings Perry are still fairly young adults, so they can still sell the lyrics. Kimberly, in particular, takes a far softer delivery than the eager, girlish twang of “Hip to My Heart,” and her brothers offer a far more prominent harmony than on “Hip,” making for an even more pleasant listening experience. 

Does “If I Die Young” sugarcoat its topic a little? Yes. But under that thin layer of sweetness is a great deal of heart, and maybe even a dollop of the slight uncertainty that can come with a young adult’s perspective. Being on the youngest end of adulthood myself, I have these adult-oriented feelings that I sometimes express in what may not be the most maturely-formed ways. An older perspective might not identify quite as well with “If I Die Young,” but the younger listeners should easily find something identifiable in this song. I know I did.

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