Rodney Atkins – “Take A Back Road”

Gifted with an under-appreciated ability to not only find but also perform ear-pleasing melodious tunes, Rodney Atkins is back with such a song in “Take A Back Road.” Does the song have enough to suggest that it can join his collection of Top 5 hits?

Rodney Atkins may not be gifted with some grandiose vocal ability but like his label mate Tim McGraw, Rodney has something that is often as important: the ability to pick songs that are relatable to his audience.  While “Honesty” broke him out, it was 2006’s “If You’re Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)” that brought Rodney the country music stardom he’d been working over a decade for.  After a string of Top 10 hits, Rodney hit a few bumps along the way but like Blake Shelton, he has yet to fail on a song that sounds like a home run the first time you hear it. 

Get ready to hear “Take A Back Road” on your country radio dials this summer because “Take A Back Road” is that home run smash hit.  It’s only been at radio for about three weeks or so yet it already feels like a song destined to join the “country gold” and it doesn’t feel like a song that will have much of a ‘burn rate’ at radio the way that many other songs do.  It’s quite simply the perfect song to listen to when feeling like ‘escaping’ the pressures of the world for a few minutes or as the theme song to a weekend getaway. 

And that’s the gist of this song.  Despite wholly modern production with slightly distractive harmony vocalists singing ‘oh-oh’ in the mix, “Take A Back Road” is nothing if not a feel-good hit and it’s yet another song from the mighty pen of Rhett Akins.  The only difference from his plethora of other hits is that this one wasn’t written with Peach Pickers Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip.  The other co-writer this time is Luke Laird (a co-writer of “Hillbilly Bone” and “So Small” among others).  With their clever melodious way of weaving a lyrical tapestry, the two songwriters may just have come up with THE anthem of summer 2011, thanks to Rodney Atkins charming and strong delivery of the song.

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