Montgomery Gentry – “Long Line Of Losers”

After scoring multiple #1 hits off of “Back When I Knew It All,” Montgomery Gentry returns to the charts with this fun, irreverent song which was originally a hit in Texas for one of its songwriters Kevin Fowler.  Can Montgomery Gentry turn the song into a national

With their debut single “Hillbilly Shoes”, Montgomery Gentry burst onto the scene in 1999 with a sound that heavily recalled the raw energy of Southern rock. While that sound has been gradually tamed over time, the duo’s material has remained remarkably consistent. Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry still have their moments where they rock out (see “One in Every Crowd”), but now it’s tempered with a sense of maturity (“Roll with Me”) and even a dash of humor (“Back When I Knew It All”). “Long Line of Losers” (listen here), previously one in a long line of non-charting singles for co-writer Kevin Fowler, is a good example of Montgomery Gentry’s musical evolution.

The lyric is a fairly straightforward recollection of what turns out to be a fairly stereotypical redneck family: Granddaddy made moonshine, Grandma ditched her kids, and Daddy and Mama — it’s always “daddy and mama” in these Southern families — didn’t fare much better. It sounds like the kind of song that ignorant fools… I mean, detractors of the genre… might poke holes in, but when Eddie Montgomery sings “I come from a long line of losers”, it’s easy to tell that he’s got his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. The song is certainly helped by a muscular yet clean production which roots the sound securely within the Southern rocking-country boundaries that the duo set out ten years ago.

Thematically, it’s not that different from “Back When I Knew It All” in that the narrator is looking into his rebellious past. But just like that song, “Losers” has the sharply defined perspective that can only be given by a guy who truly has learned more than back when he knew it all — even if he does come from a long line of losers, he’s certainly a winner now.

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