Luke Bryan – “Rain Is A Good Thing”

Luke Bryan has steadily built a core audience of fans with hits like “Country Man” “All My Friends Say” and “Do I.”  Now he’s hoping to turn things up a notch with this charming and playful single.  Will the song help him take his career to another level?

Many a country singer has gotten by on more than their singing voice and while Luke Bryan has a fine country voice, he too has gotten further thanks to his combination of looks, song choice, voice and charm.  Oh that charm.  With just his charming smile, he can warm the hearts of ladies.  He makes the those women want to date him with many of the men wanting to trade places with him, if just for a day.  All of this is clearly evident with his latest single “Rain Is A Good Thing.”  It’s a song that spins the old ‘where I’m from’ lyric into a much more pliable song chock full of that charm.  The chorus is simple in how it discusses how “rain makes corn; corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky,” “etc… 

Cute, charming and downright entertaining, “Rain is a Good Thing” isn’t a serious song nor is it too ‘harsh’ on the ears like a few other songs out there. It’s also a song that could be for Luke Bryan what “Big Green Tractor” was for Jason Aldean, a song that helps separate the artist from the pack.  And with that charm, Luke Bryan doesn’t need much more help to differentiate himself from the pack, particularly with one of 2009’s best country releases in Doin’ My Thing out on the market as well. 

Click here to take a listen to Luke’s new single.