Kenny Chesney – “The Boys of Fall”

Kenny Chesney has earned a reputation as an artist who abandoned fiddle and steel guitar for beachy rhythms and steel drums.  With an album called Hemingway’s Whiskey on the way, how does it’s lead-off track sound.  Will it appeal to critics, older and newer fans alike?

If you were expecting another beacy-y or rockin’ tune from Kenny Chesney, you’re going to be disappointed (or elated?) that “Boys of the Fall” (click here to watch the video) isn’t one of these songs.  Instead what we get is a meditation that recalls some of Chesney’s stronger tunes and those of  heartland rock n roll legend Bruce Springsteen.   The song – which was written by Casey Beathard and Dave Turnbull – is a strong lyrical ode to high school football or football in general. 

The melody may be wholly contemporary but the lyrics of the song paint a brilliant picture of the emotions, the smells, the hard work that comes from being part of a football team.  It may be a song for adolescents by the perpetually adolescent Chesney but it’s also one of his most passionate vocal deliveries in years.  “The Boys of Fall” says “you mess with one, you got us all” and it describes small town life in a new and interesting way.  In a lot of ways, I can picture a great music video using scenes from Friday Night Lights for this song.  

As the theme song for Kenny’s upcoming documentary film, the song has a great platform from which to become a huge hit.  It will also be the lead-off track from Hemingway’s Whiskey, which is due to be released this fall.   The tune may not be the instant radio hit that “Everybody wants to go to Heaven” or other lead-off singles from other albums have been in the past but those tunes weren’t as good as this one, either.  Kenny Chesney could’ve gone ‘stereotype’ and released a rockin’ tempo-driven tune but instead he released this heartfelt ballad.  If “Boys of the Fall” is an indication as to where Hemingway’s Whiskey is going then I’m pretty damn sure that one of country music’s biggest (and most oft-criticized male) stars has himself a monster of an upcoming album.

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