Keith Urban – “Put You In A Song”

After four chart-topping singles, Keith Urban and his label Capitol Records have decided to move forward with a lead single from Get Closer, an album he says is closer to Golden Road than Defying Gravity.  Does this single hit all the right notes?

At this point in his career, Keith Urban is an undisputed country radio star who could release virtually anything and still have it hit the upper reaches of the country music charts.  But does that mean that this single, the lead single from Get Closer, deserve to be played on mainstream country radio? 

In a word…yes.

Written with fellow Australian Jedd Hughes and Sarah Buxton (who co-wrote “Stupid Boy”), “Put You In A Song” may feel like it could’ve been a staple of a Rick Springfield or Don Henley album in the 80s (with a little 70s am gold Foghat cowbell at times) but that doesn’t mean that “Put You In A Song” isn’t drastically different melodically than what Keith Urban’s found success with already. 

The lyrics are interesting in that they find a guy who wishes that his girlfriend was a song that he could play over and over as a way to always be close to that girl.  The presense of Sarah Buxton’s effervescent enery is present in both the lyrics and the melody of “Put You In A Song” along with fantastic guitars that Keith has become known for (Jedd Hughes is a fantastic guitarist in his own right).  

“If I get it right everybody will sing along” Keith Urban sings in the bridge of “Put You In A Song” and damn if he hasn’t gotten the song right.  It is a sing-a-long quality song that will no doubt rocket up the country radio charts this fall just as Get Closer comes out in November. 

Sometimes a song doesn’t need to have a heavy lyrical message or a cascading melody to be a good song.  “Put You In A Song” likely won’t be a classic genre-defining hit of 2010 but it is the kind of ear candy tune that made Keith Urban a star when his sophomore album Golden Road was released eight years ago and in many ways that makes it the perfect lead single for Get Closer.

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