Jason Michael Carroll – “Hurry Home”

For the second single off of “Growing Up Is Getting Old,” Jason Michael Carroll decides to throw a curve and release a soft and tender ballad about how a parent will always love their child, no matter what. While a lovely thought, does it make for compelling music?

Let’s get one thing straight about Jason Michael Carroll’s new single “Hurry Home;” “Austin 2.0” it’s not.  Aside from the fact that “Hurry Home” finds a man using an answering machine (does anyone still use those in the days of blackberries and iPhones and e-mail?) to leave a message for a specific loved one who may or may not ever hear the message, the songs are two completely different beats.  First of all, “Hurry Home” is sung from the perspective of a father whereas Austin is from the perspective of a boyfriend.  Second of all, “Hurry Home” finds Jason Michael Carroll is singing about his daughter who ran or gone away for whatever reason, not his ex who moved away.   

With his expressive baritone voice, Jason Michael Carroll excels on ballads like “Hurry Home.”  While he may love to have fun with the rockers like “Living Our Love Song” or mid tempo fare like “Where I’m From,” Jason’s gravy train has been and should continue to be these songs.  The song is delivered completely by Carroll’s singing of the heart-felt lyric.  It’s also a song of the eternal love a parent has for their child:  “It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, I still love you.  It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, you can still come home.”   Anyone who is alive has felt that kind of limitless love be it as a child or a parent and that’s what makes this song a winner as it tells a gentile tale of the best kind of love.   

Country songs are best when they deal with human emotion and that’s what “Hurry Home” does here.  It should easily give JMC his 2nd or 3rd Top 10 hit (depending on the chart metric used to determine a hit) and it may very well become his first chart-topping hit.