Jason Aldean – “The Truth”

After a struggle to get “Relentless” to gold status, Jason Aldean has been on fire with the release of his latest record Wide Open.  The first two singles “She’s Country” and Big Green Tractor both rocketed to the #1 spot on the charts. Will this new single follow suit?

After the less-than-spectacular sales of his 2008 album Relentless, Jason Aldean has made up quite nicely with Wide Open. The album’s first two singles — “She’s Country” and “Big Green Tractor” – have become his biggest hits ever, both rocketing to #1. “The Truth” is certainly an interesting choice for a single, as it finds him following up a mid-tempo with another mid-tempo, but it’s certainly a solid single in its own right.

In contrast to his amped-up rock anthems such as “She’s Country,” “Johnny Cash,” and “Hicktown,” Aldean’s slower material usually sticks a little closer to a more traditional sound. The production is dialed down considerably, staying out of the way of Jason’s distinctive voice, and the melody has the easygoing smoothness of a Terry McBride composition; it probably could have been a hit for McBride & the Ride (whose “Amarillo Sky” Jason has covered) during their sadly too-short peak.

The lyrics are fairly similar in theme to “Anywhere but Here,” which had separate renditions by Brice Long and Chris Cagle both stall in the 50s only a year apart. This song doesn’t dig nearly as deep into the emotional meat, but at the same time, it’s not trying to. While “Anywhere but Here” is the lament of a man who’s irrefutably downtrodden, the central character comes off as perhaps a bit more reluctant to show just how much her leaving has affected him — indeed, that reluctance comes off rather clearly in Jason’s delivery.

Aldean has made a name for himself on meat-and-potatoes midtempos and overdriven rock anthems, forming a distinctive musical persona that is a great fit for his voice. Fueled by the meteoric success of his last two singles, “The Truth” should prove to be another big hit for a man whose career is now experiencing a rather strong second wind.