Gary Allan – “Today”

While every country music artist is seemingly happy and upbeat this summer, Gary Allan dishes out a contemplative single with this song, the lead-off single from his upcoming album.  How will fans and radio react to a slow  song like this one during the fun of summer?

From the moment the strings start playing with a soft piano as the intro to “Today,” we know that Gary Allan’s latest single isn’t like many of his other singles, particularly anything from his “rockin’” last album.  “Today,” Written by Brice Long and Tommy Lee James, uses a simple melody to tell the story of a man who knows he should be happy for the ‘one that got away’ but for some reason he hasn’t been able to figure out why he isn’t so happy.  In fact, he is crying many (albeit manly) tears for the fact that he let her get away.

Like George Strait’s current hit single, “Living For The Night,” Gary Allan’s “Today” is another in a long line of “I can’t believe what an idiot I am” songs and while “Today” isn’t exactly adding anything new to the subgenre of songs, It is nice to hear a smoldering ballad of regret from one of the best vocalists in modern country music.  Gary Allan emotes the lyric like others only wish they could do while also giving us a welcomed break from the long line of ‘up-tempo and happy’ songs this summer.  While I am all for fun and silly songs in the summer, it is nice to hear a nice simple ballad every once in a while, even if the production of the song gets a little bombastic by the time the guitar solo kicks in at the end of the song.