Emerson Drive – Belongs To You

With a new label partner in Midas/The Valory Music Co., Emerson Drive has returned to the charts with a romantic new track.  While the imagery is often used, does the vocal and melody rise above the oft-used lyrics?

After scoring a huge Number One hit with “Moments,” it was only natural for Emerson Drive to come back with the lead-off single off of their upcoming album with a ballad.  However, instead of being another reflection about life being a string of moments worth living for, “Belongs To You” is a sweetly romantic power ballad that is sure to become a smash hit wedding track for 2009.  Brad Mates vocal is really strong, if still a bit pedestrian; the production serves to enhance the lyric even though it’s very pop leaning, even by today’s looser radio standards.  Radio tends to love overly romantic songs, even if they’ve heard the same song a gazillion times already.  Basically, the average listener won’t remember some of the older similar hits and will call endlessly for this song, just what Emerson Drive wants. 

While traditionalists are bound to hate it, this cliché-ridden track is a big ole hit for the band and their new label The Valory Music Co.  Then again, the traditionalists probably already didn’t like Emerson Drive well enough to care about it in the first place.