Edens Edge – Too Good To Be True

Edens Edge is an up-and-coming band that broke the Top 20 with “Amen” earlier this year and released their self-titled debut album on Big Machine Records in the late summer. Read on to see what our writer Bobby thinks about their sophomore single and then listen and judge for yourself!

“Too Good to Be True” indeed continues in the tradition of “Amen,” namely in its use of interesting similies and metaphors, especially in the memorable chorus: “Too good to be true, like diamonds on the soles of my shoes / Like money falling out of the blue, don’t be fooled / He ain’t nothing but too good to be real…” warns Hannah about the man who broke her heart. The production is slick but not overdone or bombastic, and the Dobro solo before the last chorus is a nice touch. I especially like the ending, when her bandmates join in on echoing the “you’re just too good to be, you’re just too good to be true” amid the many minor chords.

It’s been years since I’ve been so excited about all the new material coming out from month to month. I honestly can’t remember a year that’s produced as much musical variety and as many interesting songs as 2012 has. “Amen” was a superb first outing, but “Too Good to Be True” is about 20% cooler. I’m cautiously optimistic about this left-of-center song’s success, and even more optimistic about the left-of-center group that delivers it.

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Edens Edge Album Review