Easton Corbin – “A Little More Country Than That”

Is their room on country music’s airwaves right now for another traditional country music minded vocalist.  Well, it seems that as long the vocalist is a man, it’s ok.  If that’s the case then this song will be a hit single.  Will radio make it so?

In vocal cadence and melody Easton Corbin’s debut Mercury Records single sounds a lot like early singles from George Strait while Corbin’s vocal feels like a cross between the sweet bluegrass voice of Harley Allen with the honeyed smoothness of Merle Haggard or Joe Nichols.  It’s a sound that’s rarely come from a newcomer lately and while Corbin looks like he’d sound a little more like Rascal Flatts, as he sings he’s “a little more country than that.”  As far as first singles go, the song does find Corbin listing off ways he’s “country” but daggummit if he doesn’t seem to be sincere. 

Written by talented writers Wynn Varble, Don Poythress and Rory Feek (of Joey + Rory), this is the kind of song in both mood and fiddle-drenched melody that country music used to have all over the airwaves and while the pop/country feels like it is here to stay, there should still be room for a guy like Eason Corbin, someone who proclaims that his influences are Haggard, Jones and Whitley. Listening to this song it’s pretty obvious that they are indeed his influences and it’s refreshing to actually hear those influences in an artist’s very first single.  Hopefully radio picks up on this timeless sounding song and delivers Eatson Corbin a hit.