Coldwater Jane – “Bring On The Love”

It seems as if, after a short time without any, that family harmony is back “en vogue” with mainstream country music.  Coldwater Jane is the latest to bring their family harmony to the table with this debut single.  Does the song have enough to cut through radio’s clutter?

Why does it feel like it’s been forever and a day since Mercury Nashville last broke a new artist? Oh wait, it hasn’t. There’s Julianne Hough (you mean she’s a singer too?) and Easton Corbin. Anyway, one of the label’s latest signees is Brandon Jane and Leah Crutchfield, who comprise the duo Coldwater Jane. Both girls are also co-writers on their debut single, “Bring On the Love.” 

It’s driven by a somewhat poppy rhythm that’s rather tightly-arranged; there’s nothing that really screams “country” other than a few steel fills, but it’s surprisingly uncluttered and rather energetic. On her blog, Brandon Jane writes that the song came out “in a really organic fashion” that stemmed from a jam session. It certainly has an impromptu, off-the-cuff feeling that indeed sounds organic. Brandon and Leah both have strong, slightly sassy deliveries and well-placed harmonies that at times recall the sadly short-lived Wreckers. 

While the song’s premise is one that has been all but beaten to death (that is, that love is the magic potion that makes everything feel better), it has plenty of intriguing lyrics that work in its favor and certainly work in the song’s favor. One particularly effective line is from the first verse: “It’s like the whole world has gone to pieces, and we’re all part of the wrecking crew.” 

As I said in my review of the most recent Carter’s Chord release, the tide finally seems to be turning in favor of female acts having hits on country radio. Mercury Nashville seems to have had a fairly successful track record in the past ten years. If the rest of Coldwater Jane’s songs are this solid, then there just might be yet another hot new duo to watch.