Chris Young – “Tomorrow”

Fresh on the heels on his third consecutive #1 hit “Voices,” Chris Young is set to release this single to country radio.  Find out what we have to say about the tune that is the first single from his upcoming album, Neon.  Check out what we think of the tune here!

Starting off with steel guitar and fiddle fills, the song certainly sets the scene that we’re listening to a truly country song and that’s confirmed by the first words from Young’s pliable baritone tenor. While the theme of ‘living in the moment, loving like there’s no tomorrow in a relationship,’ is an oft-used one, the song still manages to feel fresh.  Most of this is because Chris Young is such a fantastic vocalist.  He’s one of those singers that literally could sing boring prose and make it interesting. The production isn’t bombastic and like most good to great modern country songs, it doesn’t get in the way of the main attraction of any country song, the vocalist singing the lyrics. 

It may have taken country radio a while to catch on to Chris Young’s talents but with the right set of tunes, they saw the light and even put the original lead single to The Man I Want To Be, “Voices,” back on their playlists after the #1 success of the second and third singles, making “Voices” both the first and final of ‘four’ singles from his album.  From the sound of this well-sung, well-produced and well-written slice of country music ear candy, Chris Young is well on his way to a fourth #1 hit in row and that is more than enough to make his “Tomorrow” even more promising that today, and it’s a tomorrow of a Superstar in the making.

Live Video – “Tomorrow”

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