Alana Springsteen Releases Debut Album Twenty Something

The rising singer/songwriter’s debut was released via Columbia Records NY and Sony Music Nashville.

The rising singer/songwriter’s debut was released via Columbia Records NY and Sony Music Nashville.

Today (8/18/2023) marks the release of rising star Alana Springsteen’s debut album. The project is made up of three fully-realized and fearlessly-honest installments: Messing It up, Figuring It Out, and Getting It Right. The 18 track album is intimate yet also a deeply resonating document of the non-stop emotional rollercoaster that life in your 20s can be. The album is available at all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

“It’s hard to believe all 18 songs on my debut album are out in the world. This music has already taken me on more adventures than I can count. I write these songs because I have to. It’s the only way I can start to understand what’s actually happening inside and around me. What ends up healing me though, are the people who find their own stories in them. People who listen, reach out, and help me feel less alone with the thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart,” shares Springsteen. “Getting It Right bookends Twenty Something in a hopeful way. As heavy, introspective, and foundational as the last few years have been for me, I’ve also experienced some of the happiest, proudest, most invigorating, and cathartic moments of my life. Moments that prove to me that I’m on the right path ... that I am figuring it out and learning from the messes I make.”

Cementing her status as one of the most dynamic new voices in Country music today,Twenty Something immediately sets Springsteen apart from other up-and-comers thanks to her hands-on and high-level role in every aspect of the album-making process. To that end, the 22-year-old co-wrote all 18 songs, co-produced nearly every track, and plays guitar and piano throughout the full-length project, elevating each moment with her one-of-a-kind vision and limitless creativity. In a testament to her extraordinary musicianship and supreme songwriting talents,Twenty Something also finds Springsteen collaborating with Country superstars like Chris Stapleton and co-writing alongside heavy-hitters like Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney, as well as Grammy Award-winners Shane McAnally (Kacey Musgraves, Kenny Chesney, Kelsea Ballerini) and Liz Rose (Taylor Swift, Little Big Town).

Twenty Something: Getting It Right – the third and final installment ofTwenty Something – launches today (8/18) alongside the full album. Recently introducing its carefree and infectiously confident track called “look i like,” Springsteen sets the tone for the rest of her 20s with a soul-baring new release “amen.” The final track onTwenty Something, “amen” epitomizes the album’s full-hearted honesty and all-too-real emotional complexity. In bringing the stark but soulful song to life, Springsteen co-wrote alongside Delacey (Halsey, Dove Cameron), Sarah Solovay (Bebe Rexha, Nessa Barrett), and Ido Zmishlany (Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers), arriving at a confessional meditation on all the heartache and glory that comes with boldly following your own path: “And I give myself permission / To go and make some bad decisions / ‘Cause I’m only tryna find out who I am.” Produced by Zmishlany (whose production credits include Justin Bieber and Imagine Dragons) and Springsteen, “amen” brings her powerful but tender vocal performance to a mesmerizing backdrop of moody acoustic guitar, gorgeously nuanced textures, and – in a particularly meaningful moment at the bridge – a sampled voicemail from her mother. Co-directed by David Bradley and Springsteen, the accompanying video for “amen” takes place in a shadowy church, where Springsteen sits atop a stool by the altar and delivers an achingly heartfelt performance. As “amen” reaches a poignant moment, the clip flashes to footage of Springsteen onstage in a massive stadium lit up by the cell phones of adoring fans, presenting a striking image of just how far she’s come by staying true to her dreams. Listen to “amen” here.

“‘amen’ is the only song that could have been track 18 – a number that’s been very important to me throughout my life,” adds Springsteen. “This song is a promise to myself to only ever chase the most authentic version of the person I’m meant to be. Life has a way of setting all sorts of expectations for you ... of making you feel like you have to answer to everyone but yourself. But we only get one life, and my hope for everyone who listens to this record is that they find the strength to live the most honest one they can.”

Alana Springsteen Twenty Something Tracklist & Cover Art

Alana Springsteen Twenty Something

  1. “you don’t deserve a country song” (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Geoff Warburton, Will Weatherly, Michael Whitworth)*
  2. “if you love me now” (Alana Springsteen, John Byron, Jared Keim, Ryan Beaver)+
  3. “caught up to me” (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Dallas Wilson)+
  4. “goodbye looks good on you (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)” (Alana Springsteen, Lauren LaRue, Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson)^
  5. “tennessee is mine” (Alana Springsteen, Madison Kozak, Claire Douglas Wall, Grady Block)**
  6. “shoulder to cry on” (Alana Springsteen, Liz Rose, Trannie Anderson, AJ Pruis)^
  7. “twenty something” (Alana Springsteen, Liz Rose, AJ Pruis, Trannie Anderson)^
  8. “chameleon” (Alana Springsteen, Sasha Alex Sloan, King Henry)+
  9. “here’s to all my exes” (Alana Springsteen, Will Weatherly, Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins)#
  10. “hypocrite” (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Ryan Beaver)^
  11. “when we were friends” (Alana Springsteen, Sasha Alex Sloan, Pete Good)**
  12. “ghost in my guitar (feat. Chris Stapleton)” (Alana Springsteen, Ido Zmishlany, Delacey, Sarah Solovay)++
  13. “taylor did” (Alana Springsteen, Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson, Alysa Vanderheym)^^
  14. “different kinda country” (Alana Springsteen, Josh Dorr, Nick Bailey)##
  15. “cowboys and tequila” (Alana Springsteen, Paul DiGiovanni, Parker Welling, Josh Dorr)+
  16. “thinkin’ straight” (Alana Springsteen, Shay Mooney, Ryan “Rykeyz” Williamson, Geoff Warburton)***
  17. “look i like” (Alana Springsteen, Shane McAnally, Pete Good)**
  18. “amen” (Alana Springsteen, Delacey, Sarah Solovay, Ido Zmishlany)++

* Produced by Chris LaCorte; Co-Produced by Will Weatherly
+ Produced by Paul DiGiovanni and Alana Springsteen
^ Produced by Chris LaCorte and Alana Springsteen
# Produced by Will Weatherly and Alana Springsteen
** Produced by Pete Good and Alana Springsteen
++ Produced by Ido Zmishlany and Alana Springsteen
^^ Produced by Alana Springsteen; Co-Produced by Austin Stanley
## Produced by Nick Bailey and Alana Springsteen
*** Produced by Ryan “Rykeyz” Williamson