Restless Road To Release Debut Album “Last Rodeo” In October; New Single “Roll Tide Roll” Out Now

Packed with 18 tracks, “Last Rodeo” features their breakout singles “Growing Old With You,” “Bar Friends” and new track “Roll Tide Roll.”

To say it’s been a longtime coming for rising trio Restless Road would be an understatement. With eighteen songs in the tracklist, Last Rodeo looks like the band’s long-awaited album will have been worth the wait. The trio (Zach Beeken, Garrett Nichols and Colton Pack) has released a teaser track from the album. The song, “Roll Tide Roll,” was written by Beeken, Nichols and Kyle Sturrock. The album will hit DSPs and stores on October 20th, 2023 Via 1021 Entertainment/Sony Music Nashville.

In addition to “Roll Tide Roll,” Last Rodeo’s tracklist features the previously released tracks “I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy,” “Sundown Somewhere,” “On My Way,” the title track “Last Rodeo” and the fan favorite “Bar Friends.” The band’s breakout single, the highly romantic “Growing Old With You” will also be featured.

“If you would have told us a few years ago that we would be where we are today we wouldn’t have believed you,” says Restless Road. “We’ve been through so many ups and downs as a band, and that’s what this is about. Never giving up and always keeping your eyes on the road. It’s about believing in yourself even when people tell you no, and persevering until your dreams become a reality. And that’s why the three of us are so excited for the biggest thing we’ve done yet.”

Restless Road Last Rodeo Album Tracklist & Cover Art

Restless Road Last Rodeo Cover Art

  1. Last Rodeo (Trannie Anderson/Lindsay Rimes/Garrett Nichols/Zach Beeken/Colton Pack)
  2. Head Over Heels (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Jacob Rice/Kyle Sturrock)
  3. Growing Old With You (Charles Kelley/Jordan Minton/Jordan Reynolds)
  4. Could've Been a Love Song (Zach Crowell/Ben Hayslip/Hunter Phelps)
  5. Roll Tide Roll (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Kyle Sturrock)
  6. Bar Friends (Geoff Warburton/Jordan Schmidt/Kyle Clark/Tyler Filmore)
  7. Tell Me Not To (Zach Beeken/Emma-Lee/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack)
  8. Go Get Her (Josh Jenkins/Brice Long/Mark Nesler)
  9. I Don't Wanna Be That Guy (Colton Pack/Garrett Nichols/Zach Beeken/Jared Keim/Travis Wood)
  10. 10 Things (Zach Beeken/Devin Dawson/Jared Keim/Garrett Nichols)
  11. Leave Them Boots On (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Jonathan Smith)
  12. Easy for You to Say (Zach Beeken/Josh Kear/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Lindsay Rimes)
  13. You Don't Have to Love Me (Austin Shawn/Zach Beeken/Nate Kenyon/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack)
  14. No Can Do (Jessi Alexander/Zach Beeken/Matt Jenkins/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Jacob Rice)
  15. That Town and You (Ben Burgess/Devin Dawson/Joshua Kerr/Jordan Reynolds)
  16. Most Nights (feat. Erin Kinsey) (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/John Pierce/Lindsay Rimes)
  17. Sundown Somewhere (Ben Hayslip/Jacob Rice/Cole Swindell/Cole Taylor)
  18. On My Way (Zach Beeken/Kyle Clark/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Lindsay Rimes)