Listen: Cliff Dorsey “New Neon” EP

We’re proud to have partnered with Cliff Dorsey and CDX Records, The Orchard and Black Sheep Records to showcase his new EP for you to listen to right here.

Newcomer Cliff Dorsey is starting to make a mark on country music with his uniquely emotive baritone vocal which showcases how he’s able to squeeze out every ounce of raw emotion a song holds. Taking the listener on a journey, Dorsey has been working hard on his craft for years which has brought him to this moment, where he’s just released the new EP New Neon.

New Neon was produced by Zach Swon and Colton Swon of the Swon Brothers and features six tracks showcasing where Cliff Dorsey is a rising star within country music. “Cold Shoulder” is a funky down-home groove with a humorous take on life’s circumstances best-solved by an ice cold beer that promises to be a dance hall favorite. “Girls Do” is more of a contemporary slice-of-life country song with “Jukebox Dream” blending fiddles, a steel guitar and Spanish melodic influences into a delightful two stepper.

The title track “New Neon” finds Dorsey in the classic Honky Tonk mold where he’s lamenting the loss of his favorite watering hole because he cannot bear to see his lost love in the arms of another while “No Love” discusses the diversity of women and how he found “the one.” “Raise One” closes out the EP with Dorsey paying tribute to the hard-working people in the country who put the needs of others before their own.

Cliff Dorsey is an exciting up and coming talent and we hope you enjoy listening to his EP below, which is out now.