Album Review: Jordan Davis - “Bluebird Days”

On his second full length album (but fourth overall release), Jordan Davis continues to prove why he’s one of the most consistent hit makers in modern country music.

Since he released his first hit “Singles You Up” in 2017, Jordan Davis has consistently delivered music which blends sonic elements from genres outside of country music and tied the thread together with traditional country elements including storytelling, a mode which has brought him to Bluebird Days, Jordan’s fourth overall release but only second full-length album. Featuring 17 tracks, Bluebird Days contains all new material except for lead single “What My World Spins Around” and a reprise of the massive ACM award-winning hit hit “Buy Dirt,” the duet with Luke Bryan.

The opening trio of tracks “Damn Good Time,” “Money Isn’t Real” and “Tucson Too Late” all tell relatable stories with infectious melodies while “What My World Spins Around” showcases how Jordan Davis has grown into the father he now is. Becoming a husband and a father has changed his life and is enhanced even more in follow-up hit “Next Thing You Know.” Each of these songs showcase the charming, conversational singing style Jordan Davis possesses and it’s that honestly which has helped him break out into one of the most-consistent country music stars of the 2020s.

“Fishing Spot” is about finding peace and harmony with the memories of a lost family mentor at their favorite fishing hole instead of visiting with them at their graveyard. It’s a reminder of the power of country music, which tells of something so honest and real in a new and unique way. “Short Fuse” finds Jordan becoming a better man through life’s chapters as he removes his short fuse and becomes a kinder, gentler man as he ages.

There are some fun party songs like the opener “Damn Good Time” and “One Beer In Front Of Another” (the latter song title is seemingly required in country music in 2023, isn’t it?) while the title track reminisces about the times before his parents divorce changed everything. The powerful “Midnight Crisis” features Danielle Bradbery in a duet which showcases their strong harmonies while “What I Wouldn’t Do” close out the album’s new material with a nostalgic look at seminal moments in his life. They aren’t regrets so much as things he might change if he could.

Bluebird Days is the kind of steady record country artists are known for making but what has it standing above the fray is Davis own conversational singing style and charm and his consistency as he grows into his storyteller days as one of mainstream country music’s best and brightest artists.

Jordan Davis “Bluebird Days” (C) 2023 UMG Nashville