Brit Taylor Announces New Album Kentucky Blue Release Date

Set for a February 3 release date, the album was produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson.

Straight from the hollers of Kentucky comes rising star Brit Taylor. Her new album, Kentucky Blue is set to release worldwide on February 3, 2023 via her own record label Cut A Shine Records in partnership with Thirty Tigers. The album came about after Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson caught win of her self-reflective debut album Real Me caught international praise.

The iconic roots music duo set about making the record with Taylor by taking her back to her Appalachian roots. The courage to find her “real me” set Brit free to celebrate her healing and rebirth and exudes the confidence and and attitude that replaces the melancholic, contemplative sound of “Real Me.” It’s a progression of her life and music and an introduction tot he stand-your-ground and know-your-worth confidence Brit possesses today. There are cries of fiddles, moans of steel guitar and twangy banjo along with scene-setting string section that set the mood and feel of the entire record (which Taylor co-wrote with writers like Jason White, Adam Wright, Kimberly Kelly, Nick Autry, Adam Landry, Adam Chaffins, Jerry Salley and Pat McLaughlin, among others. The record features studio musicians like Melonie Cannon, Dave Roe, Miles Miller, Russ Paul and Stewart Duncan, among others.


Britt Taylor Kentucky Blue Tracklist:

  1. Cabin In The Woods
  2. Anything But You
  3. Kentucky Blue
  4. Rich Little Girls
  5. No Cowboys
  6. If You Don’t Wanna Love Me
  7. Ain’t A Hard Living
  8. Love’s Never Been That Good To Me
  9. Best We Can Do
  10. For A Night