Review: Adam Sanders - “90’s Kid” EP

The independent singer/songwriter showcases his roots and influences on nostalgic six song collection.

Adam Sanders is wholly a modern country music artist and music row songwriter but like most artists that have come out in since the turn of the millennium, he was deeply influenced by the country music sounds his parents and friends exposed him to in the 1990s and as such, he’s released this well-made six song EP.

Anyone expecting Adam Sanders or the band to change up the melodies or overall sound of the six songs held within should probably look elsewhere as these songs are all 100% faithful to the original versions made famous in the 1990s. And that’s actually the point of these songs. Adam Sanders and company are HONORING these great country songs by bringing them to his audience and it’s clearly a labor of love for him as he does it. Especially considering all but one of the songs chosen here aren’t “obvious” choices for cover material.

“Maybe We Should Sleep On It” wouldn’t be the first Tim McGraw song from the 90s that i’d expect an artist to cover and the same can be said for the choice to record Alan Jackson’s “Between The Devil And Me” or “What I Need To Do,” made famous by Kenny Chesney. It’s especially true for “She’s In Love,” a Mark Wills classic from 1999 or Tracy Lawrence’s “The Coast Is Clear.” The Lawrence single wasn’t even a Top 10 hit for him in 1997 but it remains a great song and an inspired choice here. In fact, of all of the six songs, the only one that seems obvious to record is JoDee Messina’s “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” That song, which has gained more notoriety again in 2022 thanks to Cole Swindell’s single of the summer for 2022 “She Had Me At Heads Carolina,” is done well here and one of Messina’s biggest hits (and her first).

Adam Sanders could’ve just as easily chosen bigger hits from each of the artists covered on 90s Kid but it definitely seems as if he chose songs that actually spoke to him as a child and that’s what makes the six song EP such a fun, engaging listen.