Elle King Announces “Come Get Your Wife” Album & Release Date

The album, which features #1 single “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” along with rising hit “Worth A Shot” is set to come out in early 2023.

Try as she might to not be, Elle King is a trailblazer. Equally comfortable in the pop, punk/alertantive, and country music worlds, Elle King has blazed a trail everywhere she’s gone.  In country music, she teamed with Miranda Lambert to break a glass ceiling for female duets when their collaboration “Drunk And I Don’t Wanna Go Home” broke through and hit #1 on the radio charts earlier this year. That song serves as one of the anchor tracks for Come Get Your Wife, the first full-fledged country album release of Elle King’s career.

Produced by King and Ross Copperman, the album, set to release on January 27, 2023, features a dozen tracks with eight of them co-written by King herself, including “Drunk.”  The album moves through all of the topics you’d expect from Elle King, from being a hot mess, a glorious excess and a woman coming inter own, she’s created her own sound that is centered in a way that remains frayed at the edges but solid in its core.

“Even the album title, it comes from something some asshole said to my partner one night. Something thrown off in a bar, intended to put me in my place… and he probably didn’t think twice about it. But I did.”

Indeed, she did. Elle King, singular, swaggering, sardonic, is a musically and personally fearless woman. With Come Get Your Wife, she sharpens her gaze, digs into her roots, puts her banjo front and center and creates a record that’s as alive and electric as she is. Taking all the pieces – the rock, soul, (blue)grass and country that she loves – she’s made an album that demands your attention, then delivers on all cylinders.

“There’s something about how you put the pieces together,” King offers of her first true country project. “This whole album is a crazy quilt of all sorts of moments and things that might not seem to go together, but because they’re me, they do. It’s very Southern Ohio, very who we are – and very much a lot of people who are just like me, because I know they’re out there.”

ElleKingAlbum2023_COVER_Credit Matthew Berinato

Elle King - Come Get Your Wife Track Listing:

  1. Ohio - Written by Elle King, Bobby Hamrick, Ella Langley & Matt McKinney
  2. Before You Met Me – Written by Tofer Brown, Margaret McRee & Lauren Hungate
  3. Try Jesus – Written by Elle King, Geoffrey Warburton, Casey Cathleen Smith, Ashley Gorley & Ben Johnson
  4. Drunk (And I Don’t Want To Go Home) with Miranda Lambert - Written by Elle King & Martin Johnson
  5. Lucky - Written by Elle King, Bobby Hamrick, Ella Langley & Matt McKinney
  6. Worth A Shot (featuring Dierks Bentley) Written by Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman & Josh Osborne
  7. Tulsa - Written by Elle King, Bobby Hamrick, Ella Langley & Matt McKinney
  8. Crawlin’ Mood - Written by Charlie Worsham & Jesse Frasure
  9. Bonafide - Written by Elle King, Bobby Hamrick, Ella Langley & Matt McKinney
  10. Blacked Out - Written by Elle King & Martin Johnson
  11. Out Yonder - Written by Bobby Hamrick, Ella Langley & Matt McKinney
  12. Love Go By - Written by Elle King, Geoffrey Warburton & Joe Janiak