Album Review: Kameron Marlowe - "We Were Cowboys"

The former contestant on The Voice delivers his major label debut album and we're here to tell you what you need to know about it!

Kameron Marlowe was a contestant on season 15 of NBC’s The Voice, but don’t hold that against him. He doesn’t sound like just another Hollywood impression of a country singer. No, he comes off like the real deal, instead.

One of We Were Cowboys’s first singles, “Giving You Up,” travels familiar lyrical ground, as it compares quitting a woman to finally overcoming alcohol or cigarettes. However, although “Does It Have To Be Over” is also relatively predictable, lyrically, Marlowe just sings it so soulfully and powerfully. “Girl On Fire” is also a lyrically intriguing song about an especially combustible relationship.

We Were Cowboys isn’t roots country, sonic-wise, but it traverses similar production territory to Jon Pardi and Luke Combs' albums, in that it is undeniably country-sounding throughout. Like the aforementioned artists, Marlowe just has one of those unashamedly country voices, which makes everything he sings come off decidedly authentic. With that said, though, the mostly acoustic “Steady Heart,” which incorporates dobro and smartly references a John Prine song, will do your country music loving heart a whole lot of good.

Kameron Marlowe’s release of We Were Cowboys is yet more heartening evidence that Nashville is falling back in love with country music that actually sounds like country music. Although not exactly world changing, We Were Cowboys is wonderfully cowboy-esque.