LANCO Returns With “Low Class Lovers”

LANCO returns with a slice of Heartland country rock which suggests the next chapter of the award-winning collective's forthcoming album project.

If there was one band who had me immediately hooked upon seeing them live, it most-definitely was LANCO. I Immediately got what the band was doing. Their single “Long Live Tonight” had just been released and when invited to a showcase at producer Jay Joyce’s studio, it was electric. The band was tight and frontman Brandon Lancaster was magnetic as a frontman. After scoring a Double Platinum #1 hit with “Greatest Love Story,” the band’s fortunes with their former record label home began to fade (even if only one of their five singles failed to hit the Top 40 over the course of 2016-2019. The band and the label (Sony Nashville) parted ways and LANCO refocused on their music and returned this week with “Low Class Lovers,” the first single from their new project, once again working with Jay Joyce in the producer’s chair.

“Low Class Lovers” has — as much of LANCO’s music does — an anthemic modern country/rock vibe to it, this time with a heavy heartland rock feel to it. Written by Brandon Lancaster, the song is what happens to a guy when he’s stuck living a life that’s outside of his normal routine and that life has been informed in the next LANCO album set for later this year.

“People wanted the next chapter,” said Lancaster. “I’ll be honest, I couldn’t write it because I hadn’t lived it. And over the last two years during the pandemic, I had time to figure that story out. I have had nothing but time…time to build relationships, reignite friendships and learn lessons – some of them the hard way. We faced loss and fear but in it we found hope, we found love, we found strength, and we found songs.”

The band also released an EP called Honky-Tonk Hippies last year and — of course — have their debut album Hallelujah Nights, the record which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart upon release, making the first new band to do so in over a decade. That album also brought about multiple award nominations and a win from the ACM for “New Group of the Year.” LANCO continues to tour in support of music new and old and more info on those tour dates can be found on their website.