Average Joes’ Austin Tolliver Sets Release Date for Debut Album

The album promises to tap into influences that run the gamut from Nelly and 2Pac to George Strait and Tim McGraw.

In late 2020 Average Joes Entertainment, the label which is at the front of the country rap sub genre of country music, signed rising star Austin Tolliver to a record deal. They released his single “Tip My Hat” around that time and then released “Yodelay You Down” and “Ride 4 Me” before releasing “Lifestyle,” which features country rap icon Colt Ford. Soon, on April 22, Austin Tolliver will release his debut record for the label.

That album, titled Ride 4 Me, features a dozen songs, all of which showcase Tolliver’s unique style and blend of influences which make him him,” “With this album, I hope people take the journey into my mindset through each and every song,” says Tolliver.

“The entire body of work tells a story from a progressional standpoint of each mood I have been in for the last year. It's a deep dive into the fun side of me, the dark side of me, the painful side of me, and the kick ass side of me. I feel that it is important to allow my fans to see all my emotions and this project does that.”


Austin Tolliver Ride 4 Me Track Listing:

  1. “Dip Low” (Bobby Shifteh)
  2. “Ride 4 Me” (Austin Tolliver and Aaron Lamont)
  3. “Pain Pill ft. Bezz Believe” (Bobby Shifteh, Austin Tolliver, Bezz Believe)
  4. “Little Bit Of Me” (Bobby Shifteh)
  5. “Tip My Hat” (Austin Tolliver and Aaron Lamont)
  6. “Crash Course” (Bobby Shifteh)
  7. “Can’t Get Away From Me” (Bobby Shifteh, Austin Tolliver, Wesley David Breit)
  8. “Amnesia” (Bobby Shifteh)
  9. “Louisiana Lullaby” (Bobby Shifteh)
  10. “Yodelay You Down” (Austin Tolliver, Cotrell Jermaine Qualls)
  11. “Tailgate Party” (Bobby Shifteh)
  12. “Lifestyle ft. Colt Ford” (Austin Tolliver, Aaron Lamont, Colt Ford)