Album Review: Elvie Shane - Backslider

"All killer, no filler!" is an apt description for “My Boy” singer’s debut for Wheelhouse Records/BMG.

It’s rare that a country music artist comes seemingly out of nowhere but that seems to be what has happened with Elvie Shane, an artist who is ready-made for stardom, if this album, Backslider, is any indication.

“My Boy” was the perfect introduction to everything he’s about as the song describes Elvie Shane’s quest to be the best man and example he can be for his wife’s child. It’s a song that tells a story and comes from his heart. “Sundays In The South” tells of Shane’s southern upbringing all with an honesty to it that that permeates the rest of the albums 15 tracks, of which all but the mid-album interlude “Kickin’ Stones” were co-written by him.

Several songs on the record could find their way onto your local radio stations including “Love, Cold Beer, Cheap Smoke” “My Kinda Trouble” and “Saturday Night Me” being amongst the hits. Another one, “Heartbreaks & Headaches” has a familiar melody and story but like the best artists do, Elvie Shane manages to take familiar and make it fresh. The atmospheric “I Will Run” and “Nothin’ Lasts Forever” blend in some 80s sonic sounds to the core heartland storyteller vibe that is Backslider and they provide a nice balanced textured (the talented Tenille Townes provides harmonies on the latter one too).

There’s something about Elvie Shane’s music that is instantly appealing. His debut album Backslider is an album that speaks to fans of good ole heartland storytelling and there’s a “press repeat” feel to the music. Backslider is a record made for road trips, sing-a-longs and concert halls. It’s a record full of honest moments and honestly, it very well could be one of the best debut records to arrive in quite some time.