Album Review: Scotty McCreery - “Same Truck”

Fourth studio album finds star settling into his groove with an assortment of potential hits found on it.

How do you follow-up the biggest album of your career? If you’re Scotty McCreery, you keep working on your craft and build upon the foundational sounds found on Seasons Change with a dozen more songs on Same Truck which are definitely ready for primetime. “You Time” kept his streak of radio success since singing with Triple Tigers after the viral success of “Five More Minutes” and while a good song, it’s far from the best songs on the record. One of them, “It Matters To Her,” a song Scotty co-wrote with Lee Thomas Miller and Rhett Akins, features a sonic palette which recalls the best of 90s country while the album’s second single “Damn Strait” is even more of an ear worm with lyrics which reference George Strait songs and how those songs make the narrator feel as his broken heart cannot do anything but think of the memories made when George Strait’s songs were playing.

“The Waiter” is an emotionally impactful story song as he sings an observational story about enduring love between an elderly couple, even when one has passed away. There may not be anything too “original” in the words of “Why You Gotta Be Like That” but the melody of the song is straight-up irresistible fun. “Same Truck” is an important song for the times we live in as it tells a story of people in different places, north, south, east, west, different teams or political affiliations, we are all, essentially in the end, all the same with the same kind of dreams for life and our families.

Like many country artists before him, Scotty McCreery likes to close his albums with impactful final songs and “How Ya Doin’ Up There” is a perfect addition to the fine country tradition. This one is a conversation with The Man Upstairs, a song where he reaffirms his faith in Him.

Scotty McCreery’s career has had some highs and lows but the current wave he’s on continues to reach higher as the dozen tracks on Same Truck showcase. There’s plenty here for a modern country music fan to enjoy and it’s a delight from start to finish.