Album Review: Tyler Booth “Grab The Reins” EP

Singer/songwriter’s major label EP showcases an artist that’s both contemporary and traditional at the same time.

With six simple tracks, Tyler Booth showcases why Sony Nashville signed him to a record label deal. The songs showcased on the six song Grab The Reins actually grab you, as the listener, and don’t wanna let you go.

Blending contemporary production sounds with a voice that recalls Jamey Johnson more often than it doesn’t, the young Booth positions himself in a place in mainstream country’s chart that is unlike anyone else there. “Already Got One” feels like the hit of this EP but there all strong as “Gone Done Did” and “Palomino Princess” showcase the traditionalist in Booth, allowing him to show off his sturdy baritone vocal.

“Ghost Town” and the EP opener “Drink It Up” are both memorable, even if the latter isn’t as memorable vocally as the rest of the songs on this EP are. While it remains to be seen if mainstream country radio will help make Tyler Booth a big star, this Grab The Reins EP presents a compelling case why he deserves the shot at the brass ring.