Old Dominion “Time, Tequila, & Therapy” Tracklist & Cover Art

The band’s 4th album features massive new hit “I Was On A Boat That Day.”

It was’t all that long ago that Old Dominion was releasing their self-titled third album yet here we are with the CMA and ACM Awards wining band returning with another album. The album features a baker’s dozen (13) collection of tracks and features Gladys Knight on “Lonely Side Of Town.” The album also features songs like “All I Know About Girls” “Blue Jeans” and “Hawaii.” Every song on the record promises to bring more of the five-piece band’s signature melodic sound to the front.

These songs were all preceded by “I Was On A Boat That Day,” a clever break up song where someone replies with gusto about where they were when their relationship ended. The song has already garnered over 20 million streams and over 2.2 million music video views to date. Time, Tequila & Therapy is set to be released October 8, 2021.

Old Dominion "Time, Tequila & Therapy" Tracklist:


  1.     Why Are You Still Here
  2.     Hawaii
  3.     Walk On Whiskey
  4.     All I Know About Girls
  5.     Blue Jeans
  6.    No Hard Feelings
  7.    Lonely Side of Town (feat. Gladys Knight)
  8.    I Was On A Boat That Day
  9.    Drinking My Feelings
  10.    Somethings The Same About You
  11.    I Want To Live In A House With You
  12.    Don’t Forget Mr
  13.     Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Love