Album Review: Tall Paul & Kristie - “Whiskey & Wine”

Talented duo showcases a blend of sounds on their latest album.

You may not find this band in the playlists of mainstream country or other radio stations but for those who’ve come into contact with Tall Paul and Kristie at a live venue nationwide, the band is as talented as any of the “a-list” acts. On Whiskey & Wine, Tall Paul and Kristie showcase their eclectic style on the opening songs, Kristie fronts fiddle-laced, Bluegrass like country song “And I Burn” while Tall Paul orates the jazzy “Acquired Taste,” both songs which suggest what the entirety of Whiskey & Wine is about.

Kristie’s songs are often regal slices of modern music with classic flourishes (including humor) and her lilting vocal takes center stage on all of them while Tall Paul’s fronted songs (which include humor too) are equally strong. Particularly notable about all of the songs is the songwriting. It rivals anything coming out of music row’s houses while the A-list studio playing simply accentuates in places while being downright joyful and playful in other places.

Whiskey & Wine is an album worthy of our time. There’s not a bad track on the album and while all will sound great live, the standouts like “Wonder Woman,” “It’s A Choice,” “Hangover,” “Acquired Taste” and “And I Burn” among them, will be even greater.