Rayne Johnson Prepares Debut EP For Oct 30 Release

Rising singer/songwriter broke into the Top 40 earlier this year while working on this EP, set for an October 30 release.

Rising artist Rayne Johnson scored a Top 40 hit with "Front Seat" before partnering with Mickey Jack Cones' new Verge Records label to release his finished EP. After nearly 20 million streams of that track, Rayne Johnson worked hard with producer Mark Liggett (Blessed Union of Souls, NKOTB) to craft the Rayne Johnson EP alongside songwriter Joe Jordan who wrote or co-wrote eight of the EP’s nine tracks. While making this record Rayne has maintained his 9-to-5 railroad mechanic job, a remarkable achievement in the modern music world environment.

Originally working through Mountain Road Records, Rayne partnered with Verge Records recently to get the record out to the masses. The EP’s new single is “Real Dang Good,” one of Joe Jordan’s songs and the groove-filled track showcases a man who is trying to cut loose on a Friday when his world changes.

“Imagine you’ve finished out a bad week, and you’re chilling alone and thinking about your issues,” he elaborates. “All of a sudden, a girl comes up to you and says, ‘You don’t look like you’re having any fun. Why don’t you dance with me, hang out, and let’s have a good night?’ What could be better?” he laughs. “By the end of the song, they’re running off to Vegas!”

Rayne worked with Walt Aldridge to craft “Bring It Back” while out in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Rayne discusses this song:

“Nowadays, nobody connects in real life,” he sighs. “It’s all on social media and apps. We wanted to get back to the old school way of finding a girl, manning up, and walking over to her no matter how scared you are and asking, ‘Do you want to go out on a date?’ It’s the sort of love you hear about from your grandma and grandpa. We tried to encompass that.”

The songs on this EP serve as a primer for the record Rayne and his team are working on for 2021.

“It’s very exciting to get the real me out in this music,” he adds. “Whether it’s a ballad or an upbeat tune, I’m giving you everything I’ve got. I encourage people to have a good time. I just hope to connect with a message of my own. Between that and the man bun, I’m doing something a little different for sure.”