Lera Lynn Announces New Album “On My Own”

The album - set for October 28 - is the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed duets project from 2018, “Plays Well With Others.”

The title for this new record, On My Own is an apt one as it’s the first time Lera Lynn has taken on a project all by her self. She wrote, sang, produced and recorded the entire project by herself.

“I think there is something special about a singular vision, Lynn said. “I guess I just wanted to hear what my own imagination sounded like.”

With that in mind, she’s set to release “Are you Listening” as her first single on August 28. The album, is an exploration of mood and texture and brings all of Lera Lynn’s influences together as she rumbles and writhes through the meditations on forgiveness, growth and the liberation that only comes with taking control of your own voice. That glorious voice — as praised as it has been — still anchors the project but it’s even stronger and bolder than before.