Kree Harrison Releases “Chosen Family Tree” Track

The song serves as the title song to her forthcoming album via One Vision Music Group.

As the runner-up for the 12th cycle of American Idol, Kree Harrison is no stranger to big stages and big statements. Today, she releases what may very well be the biggest single of her career (post-American Idol) as she releases “Chosen Family Tree.” Kree wrote the song with Audra Mae, Skylar Wilson and Fancy. The song has an intimate relationship within the push for equality and inclusivity.

“Growing up, I understood that sometimes blood isn’t always thicker than water," said Kree. "After losing family at an earlier age, I developed relationships with people that soon became my chosen family. As we sat down to write, it felt like a love letter came pouring out of all of us --- a love letter to the LQBTQ community & my chosen family of all different colors & backgrounds. I found comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one who experiences this. I found family in our neighbors, friends, community & co-workers; not just in blood. They love me unconditionally & I love them unconditionally. They support me & I support them. That’s what chosen family does.”

The title track from her forthcoming album, Chosen Family Tree, is  produced by Jordan Lehning (Rodney Crowell, Kacey Musgraves & Charlie Worsham), Skylar Wilson (Nashville TV cast & Lindi Ortega) & Kree. “Chosen Family Tree” debuts on all DSP’s (like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play and more).