EP Review: Jordan Davis - “Jordan Davis”

Jordan Davis returns with the follow-up to "Home State" and while it may sadden some fans to see an EP instead of a 12-13 track album, it's actually a smart move and we explain why in our review of this self-titled EP.

After what can only be described as a smashing debut with the hit-filled MCA Nashville album Home State, Jordan Davis returns with this six song, self-titled EP. Considered a more personal look into Davis’s life as a new husband, the songs that make up the EP definitely seem to confirm that thought. While they are personal to Jordan Davis’ own life, what makes the songs even better is that they’re relatable to everyone else and like a good song will do, they allow the listener to find themselves within the lyrics. Case in point: “Church In A Chevy.” While the title makes it seem like a commercial for motorheads, the song really IS relatable to me as I often find myself at home on the open road where I can think, sing a long to a great song or just talk to God while getting lost out there. It’s my kind of fellowship.

“Detours” also has relatable lyrics and while some may consider it some modern reworking of the modern standard “Bless The Broken Road,” I find it to be a suitable addition to that kind of musical masterpiece. It’s an honest, romantic sentiment and is ready to be part of romances and wedding stories for years to come. “Almost Maybes,” the EP’s lead single, has a similar lyrical sentiment and while “Detours” would’ve probably hit at radio, it was very smart to release this one instead. It’s more suited to radio’s whims as a mid-tempo song. It’s less acoustically based production fits right in at modern country radio and the song’s melody is right in Davis’ vocal sweet spot.

The closing song on the EP, “Cool Anymore,” Features Julia Michaels and like a lot of her own songs, it is honest in its lyrics with lines that talk about a couple who realizes they’re “in it” and that they can remove all the walls and pretense and be who they really are. They don’t have to act like they’re someone they’re not. Some would say that people should never do this but honestly, it’s a part of human nature to hide parts of your personality or hobbies or anything of that sort when entering in relationships and it’s especially true of young relationships.

The six songs on Jordan Davis allow the rising star to follow his muse and show more of himself with a shorter, themed collection of songs. It’s a smart move, especially in the ever-changing musical landscape and something that most artists should do as it allows the songs to live more and not get lost on an album that people just don’t make time to listen to. This EP is loaded with solid to great songs and it will only help to continue the amending trajectory of Jordan Davis’ star within the country music world.