Travis Denning To Release EP As “After A Few” Hits Top 10

Mercury Nashville’s rising star breaks the Top 10 while scheduling debut EP amidst the Coronavirus Quarantine in Nashville.

It’s been two years since Travis Denning released his debut single “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” but those haven’t been idle years as he worked on his craft and after the cheeky (but true) story of his Fake ID, Denning worked on more moody, sleeker sounds with “After A Few,” a song which has since risen into the Top 10 of Country radio, his first. With that success, Travis Denning is set to release his first EP for Mercury Nashville. Titled “Beer’s Better Cold,” The EP will hit digital service providers on May 15, 2020.

He’s optimistic that fans will see something different than what they thought hey’d hear; “I want people to come away thinking 'Who in the hell was that?'" he says of his first major label package. "And 'Where can I hear more?'"

Denning, with a lifetime of a shows to his tab, claims to be a student of both country crooners and hard rocking singers, like Mötley Crüe, his first concert experience as a 12 year old kid, he’s unafraid to blend both those influences into the music he now makes, citing influences that also include diverse artists like Pantera, Outkast and Allman Brothers Band, among others.

Six diverse tracks (five of which Denning co-wrote) were produced by Jeremy Stover with a mind toward Denning's live show, itself a full-throttle affair inspired by his 12-year-old baptism at the rock alter of a Mötley Crüe concert. "I was like 'Yeah, I want to do that ... forever,'" he says.

"We wanted the core of these songs to sound like a dad-gum rock band," Denning goes on, tapping into the spirit of a show he's already taken on the road with LANCO, Dustin Lynch and more - and soon will again on Sam Hunt's Southside Summer Tour. "I wanted it to be guitar, bass and drums, and there was something cool about starting there. It really anchored the songs on this power trio, in-your-face thing, and that was such a key-switch in my head. It was like 'Alright, this is it.'"

The howling "After a Few" gave fans their first taste - a sleek, jet-black anthem Denning infused with a "hypnotic Tom Petty" vibe, all about a volatile couple who's passion could erupt at any moment. "I just loved the image I saw in my head - it was kinda scary and cautious, but still sexy," Denning says of the single, co-written with Kelly Archer and Justin Weaver.


Travis Denning Beer's Better Cold EP Tracklist:

  1. Where That Beer’s Been
  2. Afer A Few
  3. ABBY
  4. Tank of Gas and a Radio Song
  5. Beer’s Better Cold
  6. Sittin’ By A Fire