Single Review: Kenny Chesney - "Here And Now"

After writing and hitting the Country Airplay Chart's Top 10 with Ed Sheeran co-write "Tip Of My Tongue," Kenny Chesney's back with a more familiar sound on this, his latest single.

It'd be easy to dismiss a new Kenny Chesney single as anything but what it really is. What "Here And Now" is is a new radio hit that will fit in well his 25 year-plus catalog of hit singles. Written by Chesney with David Garcia and two of the writers behind many of his biggest hits in Craig Wiseman and David Lee Murphy, “Here And Now” showcases Kenny Chesney at his country/rock anthemic best. The song, which will have his stadium tour audiences singing along this summer, is about living in the moment, enjoying that moment and remembering that the “here and now” should almost always be a primary factor in our lives.

No matter how crazy life gets or how much we want to plan for the future, we must remember to stay in the moment. It’s a strong reminder of how life is fleeting and that we aren’t actually people who can live forever so rather than live life that way, why not enjoy life’s small, every day moments. Who doesn’t need a message like this at times? I sure do.

Melodically, the song features a familiar rock to David Lee Murphy’s own hits (“Party Crowd,” “Dust On The Bottle”) and songs he’s written for Kenny Chesney previously (“Living In Fast Forward,” “Bar At The End Of The World”) and that helps to give an overall, feel-good vibe to the song and certainly something right inside Kenny Chesney’s musical wheelhouse.

It’s not a “Better Boat” but in a world where ‘risks’ like that song tend to be passed over for familiar stuff, this is exactly the kind of track Chesney needed to release to radio.