2nd Annual Frizzell & Friends LeftyFest Set For November 2, 2019

Festival created and curated by David Frizzell and the city of Corsicana, Texas will take place Saturday, November 2, 2019. Learn all you need to know about the festival and where to get tickets.

If you ever needed proof of Lefty Frizzell’s impact on country music, all you had to do was watch multiple episodes of Ken Burns’ documentary film Country Music to see the impact the country music stylist and vocalist left. Perhaps only Hank Williams and Jimmie Rogers could be considered more influential on the genre’s male stylists and vocalists but even that statement could be debated. Instead, Lefty left behind a legacy which brought stars like Keith Whitley, Randy Travis, Merle Haggard and even Reba McEntire to the top of the charts with their abilities to bend vowels, notes and lines in interesting ways. It’s a legacy Lefty’s brother David Frizzell has continued to hold up and spotlight with nothing bigger than his prize festival, Frizzell And Friends LeftyFest, held annually in Corsicana, Texas.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Scheduled to appear with David Frizzell is he and Lefty’s youngest brother Allen Frizzell and a handful of select guests, all backed by an ace band of players. During the event, the Frizzell’s will tell their stories of their times with Lefty and having talked with David on the phone just the other day, I can tell you that that part will, for me, be the best part about Lefty Fest. The event was established in cooperation with the city of Corsicana, Texas, the birthplace of Lefty Frizzell and home to not only a statue of Frizzell in the city’s Jester Park but also a wonderful museum which honors not only Lefty but other country music artists of the era and those influenced by Lefty with artifacts and more.

When discussing the event, David said, we moved the event indoors this year because last year, oh was it hot. It was over 100 degrees outside. We’re going to do it at the Palace Theater and its’ going to be really, really nice.

When discussing Lefty’s influence, David Frizzell mentions his own childhood. “From the time I can remember anything, he was already a star but he was just amazing to me and his songs have lived on with me forever.” He continues, “And his songs are the kind of songs that you can start them anywhere you wanted. First verse, chorus, last verse, it doesn’t matter. They’re still great and I keep 2, 3 or  4 of them in my sets.

As for LeftyFest, David is hopeful that this second year will be successful as it’s entirely something he’s wanted to do with the city of Corsicana for a long time and he hopes the festival will continue on for years to come. “It’s been a dream to have this festival with the fine folks of Corsicana and I can’t wait to tell the stories and what it was like for me to learn from him. Gosh, what better teacher would you want than Lefty?”

Frizzell & Friends’ LeftyFest Music Festival puts the spotlight on Corsicana, Texas on Saturday, November 2, 2019 and promises a great day of music but thanks to the wonderful folks at The Corsicana Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, the city offers more than just one day of great music as their tourist attractions include the wonderful museum, statue and many, many more great things to do within the city of Corsicana, Texas.