Cassadee Pope Drops New Single “I’ve Been Good”

Platinum-selling star showcases her vulnerability through new single from her album “Stages.” Get the story here!

Life has a way of taking us to where we need to go but sometimes, that life has a way of going places and to where you’re putting on faces you’ve never expected to put on. That’s the message behind the closing track of Cassadee Pope’s self-released album Stages. The album, which picked up support in the playlists of Apple Music, Spotify and select radio partners around the country, closes with “I’ve Been Good,” a song written by Andy Albert, a nashville hitmaker whose own life has paralleled Pope’s. Both were artists in bands in their teens/early 20s and then, as life would have it, they were both in Nashville making music. Cassadee heard Andy play “I’ve Been Good” at a writer’s round and Cassadee happened to be at the round.

About the song, and how real and pointed it is to her life, Cassadee explains, “I wanted everyone to know that I was on the other side of that time in my life. Because I really was," she reflects. "Life continued to happen as we were releasing songs from the album and truly amazing things were happening. But, I could still remember the pain I felt going through those rough stages and it felt therapeutic to sing those songs still."

“That was the first time I had played it anywhere for anybody," said Albert. "I just decided to play it on a whim and she just happened to be in the room. After the set she came up and asked if I would be okay if she recorded it. That was the first and only time that has happened for me. I remembered thinking 'I've known Cassadee forever, but this is like a Nashville fairytale.'"

"It's really cool that we have this history of having a similar upbringing," says Pope. "And now we're working together's full circle."

The song, with it’s raw and real imagery, closes out Stages and is now out as a single for the world to hear and they explain the song and their history more here.